Forms & Permits

Building Permits

If you are remodeling (to the tune of $5000 or more) or adding square footage , wether it be a new home, adding an addition to an existing home, building onto the exterior of your home(i.e. deck), barn or shed, you need a permit from the Town of Westford.

If you are building within any of the three shoreland areas listed on the Permit Flowchart below you need to obtain a permit from the Land Resources and Parks department of Dodge County as well. You can find the link to Dodge County website on the Links page of this website. For more information on, or if you need to pay for or obtain a building permit please contact your Town Chairman, Corey Welch at (920) 210-8643.

The cost for a building permit will be $100 effective January 1, 2024.  Additionally, if a property owner fails to get a building permit and it is discovered after the work has begun, the fee will increase to $200.